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Breastfeeding for the best start to life

Top Secret Maternity Clothing...the ultimate in nursing wear...The Top Secret Maternity brand was founded in 2004. The Founder's business mission was Born from a desire to breastfeed discreetly in public, and from a background knowledge of the nutritional benefits of breastfeeding, Top Secret Maternity has secured a well deserved following of passionate mothers and businesses alike.

Update: In 2018 with a new business owner Top Secret Maternity is growing to become an emerging player in the Australian Made  industry.

DON'T BE FOOLED BY SIMILAR CHEAPER DESIGNS or try to compare our designs!

The built-in Nursing Bra - we didn't want to change something that had worked so well for so long, so we just made it better.

The Privacy Layer - covers the top layer of the breast for absolute breastfeeding discretion.

The Top Secret Mission - to take pride in our designs and quality workmanship.

Australian Made - we are proudly producing our range of breastfeeding clothes in Melbourne, Australia from mostly Australian made fabrics.

Free Shipping Australia Wide from our Melbourne based warehouse. We Ship internationally with additional postage costs applied at check out.

Our items are available at selective small boutique Australian maternity wear stores and online baby and maternity shops.

1000s of happy customers who come back to us during their 2nd, 3rd or 4th pregnancy etc.

Hear from some of the women who have experienced first hand the benefits of Top Secret Maternity's nursing clothing.  

From bras to breastfeeding fashion

How the idea for the Top Secret design came about... 

The founders interest in breastfeeding began when she finished studying Nutrition at University. She was employed as a research scientist while studing her Masters in Public Health.  Her main area of research was obesity, and looked at the relationship between breastfeeding and childhood obesity.

Research indicates that babies who are breastfed are less likely to become obese children.

  • Babies who are breastfed are able to self-regulate their energy intake. Quite often, when babies are bottle fed we expect them to drink the amount that is in the bottle. This is never an issue for breastfed babies; when they have had enough, they stop feeding.
  • Babies who are breastfed are usually exposed to different flavours in the breast milk depending on what foods the mother has eaten. Bottle fed babies are constantly exposed to the same flavour and in turn this may affect their acceptance of different flavoured solid foods when they are being introduced.

The founder worked on many projects related to obesity, and what was continually obvious was that, in general, people haven’t changed, but our habits have changed because our environment has changed.  She realised that if she wanted to increase breastfeeding rates, she should create an environment that makes breastfeeding socially acceptable; and Top Secret Maternity was born.

Although she is a nutritional scientist and have a profound interest in breastfeeding, the best advice about breastfeeding is available from the Australian Breastfeeding Association.


Our built in nursing bra ensures maximum breast support

We are all familiar with nursing bras where the cups drop down for breastfeeding, however it has come to most of our attention that these aren't the most practical garments to wear when breastfeeding in public. It's fantastic to see so many new garments designed to help us feel more confident during breastfeeding, but at Top Secret Maternity we didn't want to change something that has worked for so long; so we just made it better.

Underneath the fashionable outer layer is the exclusive built-in nursing bra with "Privacy Layer". 

Top Secret Maternity breastfeeding clothes combine the features that you are familiar with in a traditional nursing bra with the comfort and discretion that many women are now looking for.

In with the old:

  • Adjustable bra straps to allow for changing breast size during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Standard nursing bra clasps for easy one handed opening and closing.

In with the new:

  • Unlike most shelf bras, Top Secret Maternity breastfeeding tops incorporate a shaped built-in nursing bra, so it is as supportive as a traditional bra.
  • This nursing bra layer is made from a tightly knitted cotton lycra fabric so it is stretchy enough to be pulled over the head, but firm enough to offer complete support. The back of the bra is a single fabric panel with no clasps, so they are comfortable enough to sleep in.
  • The “Privacy Layer” is exposed when the cup is dropped. It is designed to be lifted to allow the baby to attach for breastfeeding, and the opening is large enough for the entire breast to be accessed if desired. The “Privacy Layer” should then be pulled down to meet the baby's mouth and cover the upper part of the breast during breastfeeding. As the baby comes off the “Privacy Layer” can be pulled back over the breast before the cup is done up so your breast will never be exposed.

So why not pre-shaped cups? - Some pre-fabricated cups are padded and don't offer the flexibility needed when the cup is dropped. Other pre-fabricated cups are flexible but not supportive enough for breastfeeding.


We take pride in our designs and quality workmanship

My mission, and that of Top Secret Maternity...

I feel it is of the utmost importance to increase the social acceptability of breastfeeding world wide and I hope that the design of my garments may help contribute to women feeling empowered to breastfeed comfortably in public.

At Top Secret Maternity we do everything we can to create a breastfeeding garment that is:

  • of highest quality design, components and make,
  • versatile enough to be worn throughout pregnancy, breastfeeding and beyond,
  • fashionable and functional ,
  • and well priced, representing excellent value for money.

Top Secret Maternity is also dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint by producing our garments in Australia from Australian Made fabrics.

Privacy Layer

Covering the top of the breast for absolute breastfeeding discretion

"Privacy Layer" For Absolute Discretion

One of the many innovative features of Top Secret Maternity's breastfeeding clothing is the exclusive "Privacy Layer"* that is exposed when the bra cup is dropped for breastfeeding. The privacy layer is designed to be lifted to allow the baby to attach to the breast, and then it can be dropped down to meet the baby's mouth and cover the upper part of the breast during breastfeeding. As the baby comes off, the privacy layer can be pulled back over the breast before the cup is done up so your breast will never be exposed.

This "Privacy Layer" design is unique to Top Secret Maternity and is used throughout the entire Top Secret Maternity range of nursing wear.

Top Secret Maternity is leading the way in innovative, discreet, breastfeeding fashion, and no other nursing tank product can compare to Top Secret Maternity's built-in nursing bra and "Privacy Layer".


Top Secret Maternity proudly produces our range of quality breastfeeding clothes right here in Australia

Top Secret Maternity Garments Are Proudly Made In Melbourne, Australia

imageAt Top Secret Maternity we have been producing breastfeeding clothing for over 10 years now and we have tried just about everything you can imaging to bring you the best quality, most affordable nursing wear. Our initial production run of Sahara nursing singlets were made in China while we sourced a reliable maker in Melbourne. 

We have also been extremely fortunate to have a wonderful fabric manufacturer in Sunshine who actually produce fabrics to our specification. Because our fabric supplier, garmet maker and warehouse are all in Melbourne, we are also trying to reduce Top Secret Maternity's carbon footprint.

Top Secret Maternity Is Committed To Producing Quality, Australian Made Breastfeeding Clothes


Top Secret Maternity is also proud to use ethical methods to produce our nursing garments. 
Top Secret Maternity aims to produce and manufacture our nursing clothing in an ethical way in Melbourne, Australia. 

Our Nursing Clothing Are Produced With Environmentally Friendly Fabrics And Are Made In Australia, So Are Ethically Produced. 


Top Secret Maternity is an environmentally aware company, and as such, we actively partake in reducing our carbon footprint

Top Secret Maternity is reducing our carbon footprint

Top Secret Maternity is aware of the damages being caused to our environment by greenhouse gases, so we do what we can to reduce our carbon footprint. Firstly we attempt to source Australian Made components, and although this is not possible for some of the small clips and accessories, we have been able to source fabrics made in Melbourne. We also have our garments manufactured in Melbourne and our warehouse is in Melbourne, so there are minimal transport gases produced.

We are also very proud to use predominately viscose fabrics. Viscose is a man-made fibre, but it is made from wood pulp, so it is actually a natural fibre AND it involves recycling a product that may otherwise go to landfill.

Carbon Footprint


Top Secret Maternity Aims To Produce Quality Breastfeeding Clothes While Caring For The Environment


The Top Secret Maternity shaped built-in nursing bra is made from a 95% cotton 5% elastane blend. Due to cottons extremely sturdy nature this fabric will ensure your breasts feel fully supported and we have added some elastane to allow for the size of the breast to change, which is essential when your milk is coming in.

The outer "fashion" layer
At Top Secret Maternity we have experimented with many types of fabrics and have found that 95% viscose and 5% elastane is the best fabric for our fashionable range of breastfeeding clothes. Viscose is a man-made fibre, but it is made from regenerated wood pulp, and therefore it is actually a natural fibre which breathes just like cotton.  The thing we LOVE about viscose is its ability to hold bold, bright colours. So the garment you buy today, if well looked after, will look just as great next year, and the year after.

Unfortunately, on its own viscose is not a very stable fabric, so we have added just enough elastane to allow the viscose to hold its shape well, and this also accommodates your changing body shape nicely.

We have found that the colour-holding ability of cotton isn’t as good as viscose, but we don’t want you going to bed in elasticated fabrics that can end up twisting around you, so we make all of our breastfeeding sleepwear from cotton. As long as you wash the garment following the care label and dry it in the shade, the colour will hold up nicely.

Top Secret Maternity Fabrics Are Specifically Designed To Suit Our Breastfeeding Clothes

Top Secret Maternity Guarantee - We GUARANTEE Top Secret Maternity breastfeeding clothing is the most comfortable, supportive and discreet.

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